About Miss. Fit

Meet Miss.Fit

Emily Clasen considers her fitness journey far from ordinary, thus embracing differentially, individuality, and becoming Miss.Fit. For 13 years, Emilys entire life revolved around theatre and acting. While attending college at Eastern Carolina University, Emily considers herself fortunate for developing a passion for body building and fitness. She quickly began to recognize the immense benefits fitness had on both her physical & mental health, ultimately leading to her decision to commit to spreading positivity to others through fitness. Admittedly, Emily can relate to the challenges and pitfalls that discourages everyone when they decide to start their fitness journey. She can share the helpless feeling of obsessing over your image only to fail and feel more helpless. 

A Note From Miss.Fit:

"Male or female, your are BEAUTIFUL, and you are WORTHY of loving your body. We often take for granted everything our body does for us. We need to take care of it, but in the RIGHT way. The type of way that not only shapes it physically, but mentally also. That's my mission - to help others' sculpt their not only their dream body AND mind. For once, put yourself first and join me."

- Emily Clasen | NASM Certified Personal Trainer